Jira/Confluence Server API changes due to end of support


Today we are using Jira and Confluence Server and using their API to collect information such as:

From Jira Server - projects ,groups, members, audit logs, password policy configuration, permissions per project.

From Confluence - groups, members

We also create issues via API in Jira Server and collect the metadata of pages from Confluence Server.

Are there any changes that are about to occur in the two products due to the end of support scheduled to occur in Feb 15th?

If yes, can someone guide me to where does changes are documented because I didn’t see anything on the API docs page related to those changes.


Hello @IdanArie

In a sense, the changes have already occurred, since the final versions of both of those Server products have already been released. Any changes will only come into effect when your administrators upgrade your Server instances to a particular version.

Any changes that were made to the APIs of any particular version of those products will be documented in the Release Notes for each specific version of that product. The API documentation is also version specific, so will need refer to the one that matches whatever version you are running.

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