Jira connect app: what happens if we add a scope

Hello we have a simple Connect Jira app that currently uses these in the json app descriptor on the marketplace:

"scopes": [

We need to add the “delete” scope to be able to remove some comments.
What will happen for our customers when we change the json on the marketplace? Will the app still work? Will the admins have to approve it?
Yves - Matrix Requirements

@yves see Upgrading and versioning cloud apps, particularly the section Changes that require manual customer approval.

Since a small number of customers may not accept the new scope, making sure that you don’t have to maintain the current version of your app indefinitely is a separate topic. Other partners could perhaps advise about how they go about it, but you could for example consider adding in-app prompts to upgrade after a certain time, and even declaring the old version as unsupported after e.g. 6 months. See Retiring your app for the process, which can also be applied to individual app versions.

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