Jira Connect not working after sometime


I have successfully connect to JIRA using JIRA Connect, but somehow after some period of time the JIRA give callback like this:


and it makes the JIRA connect not working anymore. One particular entry that confuse me is “cp=&xdm_deprecated_addon_key_do_not_use=rocks.kendo.demo” could someone explain to me what is the meaning of this?

and what should I do to prevent this problem?


those are legacy query params(the good old days when we could install the connect framework locally :slight_smile: ) but I don’t think those are your problem though.

You say that after a while things don’t work - do you mean that a url stops working after a given time period? If that’s the case more than likely it’s because jwt tokens are time restricted (I believe Atlassian likes 15 mins).

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