JIRA.CONTENT_ADDED_REASON.panelRefreshed called, altough panel elements are not present in DOM


Jira 8.5.2

I am writing a Jira Plugin which creates a Panel based on a .vm file.

I realized, that when the the JIRA.CONTENT_ADDED_REASON.panelRefreshed handler for my panel is called, the Html Code is not present in the DOM and therefore my event handlers dont work.

This just happens in the Issue List View, not in the Detail View.

Any idea why this happening ?


Could you elaborate how this panel is rendered, is it a <web-panel>? How is the JavaScript listening to this event loaded?

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Yes I am using a “web-panel” with a .vm file.
Within the .vm file, I have

<a id="my-id" href="#">My text</a>

The JS gets loaded via a web-resource, within the .js file I have

AJS.toInit(function() {

  JIRA.bind(JIRA.Events.NEW_CONTENT_ADDED, function (e, context, reason) {
    var $context = ((typeof context !== 'undefined') ? $(context) : $(''));
    var module = ((typeof context !== 'undefined' && typeof context[0] !== 'undefined') ?context[0].id : '');
    switch(reason) {
      case JIRA.CONTENT_ADDED_REASON.panelRefreshed
       if(module === 'my-panel') {
         $context.find('#my-id').each(function() {
              $('my-id').click(function(e) {

Interestingly ‘#my-id’ is NOT found when “module === ‘my-panel’”

When I remove the

  if(module === 'my-panel')

#my-id’ is found

because after my panel, panelRefreshed is called with

module === ‘’

So the DOM Elements of my panel are NOT available when panelRefreshed is called for my panel, instead for the panel with an empty module.

It took Me quite a while to check this out, is this desired behaviour ?