Jira Context parameters are not available after AP.navigator.go('addonModule'. {...})

Dear Community,

I am implementing page link using following on element click:

 AP.navigator.go('addonModule', {
                addonKey: '<addon_key>',
                moduleKey: '<module_name'

in altassian-connect.json I have:

 "modules": {
    "generalPages": [
        "url": "/?projectId=${project.id}&userId=${userAccountId}",
        "icon": {
          "width": 32,
          "height": 32,
          "url": "<icon_url>"
        "name": {
          "value": "<value>"
        "key": "<module_key>"


  • JIRA Contexts project.id & userAccountId is available


  • JIRA Contexts project.id & userAccountId is NOT available

I tried to use set properties mentioned here like projectId, userAccountId explicitly like:

 AP.navigator.go('addonModule', {
                addonKey: '<addon_key>',
                moduleKey: '<module_name',
                projectId: <projectId>,
                userAccountId: <userAccountId>

It does NOT work :frowning:

Any ideas how to bring context without using customData property would be very helpful

Many thanks for the help & regards

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Hi @SpaceMechanic Were you able to fix this?

I am also in similar situation!