JIRa Custom field Page not Responding(urgent)


I have a field called ‘root cause’. If i search for root cause in the custom field pae, the page is just stuck, im unable to do anything. Any reason as to why this behavior? I tried backgound reindexing as well

Hi @JayapradhaA,

Chances are the description of this custom field contains custom JavaScript that is throwing an error.

Try adding the feature flag jira.customfields.paginated.ui.disabled. This will let you access an old version of the customfields page, using which you can inspect the description.

Another option is to directly access the page <JIRA_URL>/secure/admin/EditCustomField!default.jspa?id=<CUSTOMFIELD_ID> to see the customfield description.

Or try disabling the system setting called " Enable HTML in field descriptions and list item values" this should disable execution of any custom script that might be throwing an error.

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this kinda helped us resolve the issue. Thanks much