Jira Custom Field values accessed by a Webwork

Is it possible to connect a webwork module to a custom field class?
I’ve implemented a select list custom field, but now I would like to display/edit the option values in a webwork.
I currently have in my atlassian-plugin.xml for the webwork:

<description key="dropdown-webwork-module.description">The Dropdown Webwork Module Plugin</description>  
  <action name="com.denovo.webwork.DropdownWebworkAction" 
    <view name="dropdown-success">/templates/dropdown-webwork-module/dropdown-success.vm</view> 

And my customfield in the atlassian-plugin.xml is defined as:

Create Your Own Advanced Custom Field Type

I want the ability to access the map I return in the DropdownCF.java class in the dropdown-success.vm of my webwork.
Any help is appreciated.

just put
private Map<> someMap;
to your DropdownCF.java class

its value will be acessible as $someMap at vm template