Jira customFieldValue not shown upon issue creation in status backlog and done

my app creates a customField (jira:customField) which calculates time in status for an issue. the field type is object and the calculation takes place in the expression of the formatter in the manifest.
Now I encountered a problem, whenever I create a new issue in the kanban board view and choose the status “backlog” or “done” the custom field is not shown in the card or stays empty. If I create the new issue with initial status “selected for development” or “in progress” my custom field shows up in the card of the board view with the calculated value. What am I missing?

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @FranziskaH,

I wonder if the field is automatically hidden by Jira when the field is null. Out of curiosity, how is the “time in status” calculated?

Thank you @ibuchanan,
it shouldn’t be null since I have a conditional in my expression that takes care of that. However, even if I am just setting the custom field formatter expression to the current date, like so

              expression: |-
                  let currentDate = new Date();
                   return `${currentDate}`;

it doesn’t show up on the issues that are created with default status backlog or with status done. I did find out, that the issues that are created in the statuses “in progress” or “selected for development” are getting updated or have an update step integrated, since my trigger that is listening to issue updated events is firing. So it seems like my custom field is only showing in the card when the issue gets updated.