Jira Data Center - 7.10 Project Archiving - Restoring

I’m trying to archive the jira project (Jira 7.10 Data center instance) by using the 7.10 rest api , it was successfully archived through UI and rest API call.
The observations are as follows:

  • Data center licensed Jira software will be having the project archive mechanism.
  • Once archive done, the administrator/other users will not view this project in the project list.
  • Archived project configuration update will only be allowed by administrator not other users.
  • Users may not search the archived project issues. If the issues are in recent viewed list, then it will read only.
  • Administrator privileged to delete the archived project.
  • Restore is not working to un-archive the project with issues. Project is getting restored but not issues.

Please let me know, Is anything wrong in my execution.