JIRA Data Center - Calling JAVA or REST API from One Node to Other

Hi Gurus,

I have JIRA Data Center and trying to solve a problem which require certain action on a specific node of JIRA Data Center. I have a plugin which list all the live nodes and there are certain action button on each node. Lets say I logged in one specific node A, which shows live node A, B and C. Now my action button for node C need to do some action on node C. The action is available as JAVA API as well as rest API and I can achieve this if action is for A which is my current node but for node C, i have limited options.

  1. Pass username and password and use this to log on to Node C and then perform action as a REST API call and send response back to calling method. This would require us to pass username and password of logged in user
    Do we have a way to by pass authentication as user already logged in in one of the node or send his credential automatically to another node?

  2. Use ClusterMessageService and ClusterMessageConsumer to broadcast the message and then Node C will receive the message and can take action. This seems simple and does not require any Authentication but not sure how to collect response on Node A… may be Node C can broadcast message back to Node A that the action has been completed but that would be event based which makes app more complex if i need show response back to UI

Any thoughts?