Jira database and process mining


We would like to study the progress of the issues throught the workflow they’re rattached to, from the beginning to the end.

We would like to extract the issues with the steps and the timestamps in the workflow, and we would like to get explicit labels with the technical IDs.

We identified the table jiraissue for referencing all the issues created. We can manage with the customfields and the users.

Which tables do we need to get the timestamps of the steps in the workflow ?
Which table do we need to get the labels associated with technical IDs ?
Optionnally, what are the SQL queries to do so ?

Thanks for your interest.


I found this query and it seems to solve my problem :

select *

from changeitem as CI

inner join changegroup AS CG on issueid = ?? and CI.groupid=CG.ID

where field="status"

order by CG.created;
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