Jira DC plugin not working as expected

Hi Community,

We are moving our Jira from server to DC and this is requiring us to validate our internal plugin.

We have one of the plugins that runs a job every few minutes, fetches the data from another bugtracking tool and then creates event for each bug which ultimately is consumed by other exposed services of the plugin. This works as expected in Server version.

In the data center cluster, we are seeing some of the bugs from the other tracking tool being repeated multiple times (same bug is created more than once, whereas it should be created exactly once). I tried putting clusterlock for the part of polling the data and also consuming but we are still seeing the duplicates. I was also under the assumption that at any point, only one node should run the cron and consume a particular event but my theory is not standing the test.

What should we do to avoid this? This is a major impediment in our quest to move to DC.


Jobs can be scheduled to run in one of two ways:

  1. Once across the whole cluster. Jobs scheduled to run across the whole cluster
  2. Locally. Jobs scheduled to run locally: