Jira does not render a webwork page with AUI

Hi folks,

got an issue. I recently deployed first version of my plugin to our dev server. Locally everyhting works just perfectly, but on dev when I access the webwork page no atlassian AUI is injected and the page looks like it has no css styles at all, just like this:


My webwork definition:

<webwork1 key="configuration-scheme-handle" name="Configuration Scheme Handle" i18n-name-key="configuration-scheme-handle.name"> 
    <description key="configuration-scheme-handle.description">The Configuration Scheme Handle Plugin</description>  
      <action name="com.erstegroup.jira.plugin.andisSync.webwork.ConfigurationSchemeHandle" alias="ConfigurationSchemeHandleAction"> 
        <view name="configuration-scheme-handle">/templates/configuration-scheme-handle.vm</view> 

Have you managed to solve this somehow? @Vaclav