Jira dropdown issue in UI after upgrading to 8.16.0

Hi All,

We have a custom plugin for Jira and it has a web panel.
In the web panel, we have several UI elements including some dropdowns.
Everything was working fine till now, but after upgrading to jira 8.16.0
Screenshot 2021-05-18 at 10.53.55 AM
, the dropdown UI started having issues with how it looks. (Have attached the screenshot).
There are multiple down arrow marks on the text of the dropdown option. When we checked the css, it did not contain any class for the dropdown, so it is taken from Jira css (batch.css).

Can anyone help with this?


I have seen the same behaviour in one of the cusotm app. I resolved like below. You can apply the below css to the select element.

.remove-background-image {
background-image: none;

Kiran. M


Hi Kiran,

Thank you for the suggestion.
However, it did not work by including as an externally defined css class.

I tried adding “background-image:none” in the html select tag itself and then the problem got resolved.

Thank you for the help.


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Your welcome.