Jira Forge app fails in Production

Hi Team,

I’m new to forge development, I have developed a small app to assign issues with certain logic.
The same code without minor change I have deployed to both dev and production.

If I install app from Dev environment it works completely fine however it fails if I install from production environment

Note: there is not even a single change rather version. it’s same in both dev & prod

What would be the missing point, any pointers would be helpful


What is the failure? What was your app trying to do? Have you tried to use forge logs to debug the issue? It is hard to help because the above is not much information to go on. :frowning:

Do you have any dependencies that are in both dependencies and devDependencies?

If so, that’s your problem. On production build, they get installed and then all the devDependencies are removed, meaning that you’ll be missing some logic.

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