Jira forge object custom field, using hyper links/urls

So interesting question. I have a custom field with the object type. it currently is setup like a label custom field. I was curious if the labels could act like hyper links and point somewhere. Is there a schema that even supports this idea?


currently the yaml looks like below vvv

      type: object
            type: array
            searchAlias: SFCaseNumber
        expression: "`${ value.Cases.map(e => e.label) }`"

Hey, @barron_brock,

You can implement your own view of the field with UI Kit and render the values as links (e.g. the Text component has the link property). See https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/manifest-reference/modules/jira-custom-field-type/#rendering.

Unfortunately, this will work only on views where the rendering function is used (mostly, the issue view). The text returned by the formatter can’t contain links.

thank you for the quick reply and information!