Jira issue pannel overlapping on iframe


we are facing an issue with the position of the add on iframe that we developed. In the issue pannel we have the add on icon. When we click the addon icon we get our content loaded. The issue is the position of content gets set at the top. We have attached the screenshot. We are in need of help to fix this issue

  1. When we do a scroll in the issue pannel and click on the add on name we get the positioning issue

  1. If we do not scroll in the issue pannel and then click the add on name its fine

Hi @dddd,

This is going to be difficult for the community to help with. Is it possible for you to open your browser’s development tools to investigate the styles applied to the relevant elements to work out where the problem is. Another approach is to simplify your app until the issue doesn’t occur and then identify the change that causes the error.