Jira Issue View page-Workflow post function-trigger 'click' event of a specified link

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When the status of some issue becomes ‘In-Progress’, I want to trigger ‘click’ event of a specified link so that a dialog will come out automatically.
I want to do this in workflow post function class. How to make it ?

The workflow post-function code will be triggered on the server. The link that you want clicked is on the client (in the browser). There’s no way to trigger client-side code from a server-side post-function.

What are you actually trying to achieve? Maybe there’s another way to get there.

Thank you @david.pinn.
A dialog about code review pops up after an ‘’ link in issue viewing page is clicked. The trigger logic is in system plugin jira-development-integration-pluing.jar.

// @formatter:off
        ['underscore', 'jira/devstatus/base-summary-view', 'jira-development-status/util/WRM'],
        function(_, BaseSummaryView, wrm) {

    return BaseSummaryView.extend({

    template: JIRA.Templates.DevStatus.Commit.summaryPanel,

    _onSummaryLinkClick: function(e) {
        var self = this;

        wrm.requireDetailDialogResources(function() {
            var DetailDialogCommitView = require('jira/devstatus/detail-dialog-commit-view');

            self.detailDialogCommitView = new DetailDialogCommitView(
                    _.extend(self.getDefaultDetailDialogParameters(), {
                        id: "devstatus-commit-detail-dialog",
                        count: self.model.getOverall().count

Backbone.define('JIRA.DevStatus.CommitView', require('jira/devstatus/commit-view'));

How to let the dialog pop up automatically while issue status changes to be ‘In-Progress’?

You’ve lost me there, tg. I’m not sure how I can help you at this point.

hahahah, thank you so much. But is there anything not clear in my expression?