Jira library (using maven) not working with GDPR name change

I am currently using a program to create and close tickets automatically. To do this we have a (spring boot) java application using maven. This has worked for ages but since yesterday it seems that our instance got hit with the changes for the GDPR. We suspected the Jira library to handle this but we have been getting the following error: “org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONException: JSONObject[“name”] not found.”

Currently we are using:
jira-rest-java-client-core version 4.0.0
fugue version 2.6.1

I also tried to use:
jira-rest-java-client-core version 5.1.6
fugue version 4.7.2
These were the latest versions of the libs that I could find on the repository but sadly they have the same issue.

After a lot of googling I can’t find any newer libraries to do this. Does anyone happen to know of a library that does work with the changes?

Thanks in advance.