Jira Monthly Backup Report

Hi guys, I have set up cron jobs to automatically backup our live system. We, however, also need a monthly report to show when the backup was created and if it finished without any error. I would also need it to be automatically sent to my email. Thank you in advance!

Hey @anon80600472, this sounds a bit like this question would be a bitter fit for the more user-oriented Atlassian Community.

Or are you asking how to develop something like this yourself? In that case it would be great if you could share what you already have and where exactly you are stuck so we can point in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Im wondering if I can do this with cron jobs, so I can avoid additional plugins.

Sure. Depends on what your cronjob is doing and the available tools/packages on your server I’d say. I’d probably google for something like “send email from cronjob” (1, 2) and work my way from there. If you don’t have your own email server you could also write a script that sends your email through some REST API.