Jira plugin development sample Software Project

I followed the tutorial at https://developer.atlassian.com/docs/getting-started/set-up-the-atlassian-plugin-sdk-and-build-a-project to install the Atlassian SDK and start building some plugins :slight_smile: All good no issues there; however, I can only create “Business” projects. I would like to create a sample “Software” project. How can I do that? Do I have to install it under a different configuration? Do I need license…?

Use this KB article to define additional applications for development (In this case, we want JIRA Software to be installed additionally).

Atlassian AM PS 5.1.7 and above supports a new element: applications. This element defines a list of additional applications that should be installed on another tested product. For example, the following configuration will install JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk on top of JIRA Core:

com.atlassian.maven.plugins maven-jira-plugin jira-software ${jira.software.application.version} jira-servicedesk ${jira.servicedesk.application.version} ```