Jira plugin upload not reflecting changes without server restart


When uploading a new version of a plugin using “Manage apps” section in Jira Server, the changes of the new version are not being taken until jira is restarted.
I am using Jira Server version 8.11.

Any clue will help.

Romit Chhabra

one common situation is that version you think you are uploading is not actually installed, use of hyphens etc in the version can cause this. If you uninstall first, then install the new version (even if its older) it should install and work.

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The version you’re uploading have to be “higher” than the current version.
Also what are the changes you expect to see?

I just realized that the changes are getting reflected on other pages apart from report configure page. Ex - I removed one field from report configure page and added another. But on configure page it is still showing the old field which is removed. But the report is expecting new field as per the new code in report, hence it is failing.
Looks like Jira has cached the report configure page somewhere.
Has anyone seen this kind of issue?

Got similar problems and to make sure to get rid of them we implemented fingerprinting. You can look here for an idea of the solution.


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