JIRA Power Automate Plugin Not Working for ReporterID and Priority Fields

Previous versions of JIRA plugin on Microsoft Power Automate allowed for reporterID and priority fields to be set via content entered from SharePoint list.

Now I cannot utilize the SharePoint list fields to map them over to JIRA for some technical reasons. The new JIRA plugin version of it works but doesn’t include fields reporterID and priority, the version that does include this is deprecated.

When I select the same name pre-populated from JIRA it works in deprecated version no issues, but I need it to be dynamic based on what is enter from that SharePoint list.

It appears that JIRA made some changes to their API as well:
REST API migration guide and deprecation notice - removal of username and userkey (atlassian.com)

Even the priority field has the same outcome. It has the options low, medium, high, all pre populated but when I set it to dynamic from what is verbatim matching from the SharePoint list for that field, same issue occurs. Any ideas?