Jira REST API Basic Auth Unauthorized


Since today i can’t request the REST API over Postman.
I get an 401 Unauthorized HTML Page back.

With this Message:
“Basic Authentication Failure - Reason : AUTHENTICATED_FAILED”

For the Authentication i use my EMail Address and an Token that i generated.
Like here

Yesterday everything worked fine, but know nothing works.

Hi @aott,
The first thing I’d check is that your token is still listed in your Atlassian ID, and that your user (associated with the token) still has access to the site, and the appropriate permissions to make the API call.
If that’s all ok, can you tell us what REST API call you’re making?

I’m having the same issue calling to the get projects paginated endpoint (rest/api/2/project/search). I’ve tried the deprecated get projects endpoint as well (/rest/api/3/project) and am using a modified default permissions scheme where my account is granted browse and admin projects rights. My API key is still visible, but I’m receiving a 401 Unauthorized with the error message: “Basic authentication with passwords is deprecated.”