Jira Rest Api calls during uninstall event

Hello, I am using the atlassian spring boot implementation to develop a plugin that creates some Jira issue properties using a Put request to Jira rest api. During uninstall event i would like to delete these properties with a bulk property delete request to Jira rest api however when i use authenticateAsAddOn within the AddonUninstalledEvent event i get a 401 unauthorised. If i use authenticateAsHostActor i get “was asked to authenticate the rest client as the current acting user on the host, but none could be inferred from the current request”. Apologies if i’m getting something obvious wrong but a point to the right direction would be highly appreciated!


Unfortunately, as soon as you receive the uninstalled event there’s nothing you can do anymore. At that point your app doesn’t have access to the REST API anymore.

If you really want to delete your data, you’ll need to find a way to let your users do that before they uninstall your app. (E.g. by providing a “delete app data” button in an admin screen)

I see, thank you Sven!

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