JIRA REST APIs for Cloud - /board/<id>/issue returning A LOT more issues than expected

I am trying to use the following API to retrieve all issues currently displaying on a kanban board:


The kanban board itself shows 80 issues; however, the API response returns 420. Why the huge discrepancy? Why isn’t it displaying the ones on the actual board?

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Hello @MattCrysler
You may want to take some time to read more about the functionality of boards, as there could be many reasons why the number of issues visible via the GUI is less that what the REST API endpoint will return. For example, what you see in a board’s GUI can have JQL filters that restrict what is shown, plus Issues that are completed and in completed sprints are usually not shown on a Kanban board’s GUI.

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Hi @sunnyape - thanks for the reply! Even if I take a step back and try to look at all the issues on the board via the UI, there are 458. But when executing the API mentioned in the ticket, I receive 420. So I don’t understand what the API is doing to filter the missing 38 tickets. The description of the API is as follows:

“Returns all issues from a board, for a given board ID. This only includes issues that the user has permission to view. An issue belongs to the board if its status is mapped to the board’s column. Epic issues do not belongs to the scrum boards.”

I have verified that I have permission to view the missing tickets because I can see them in the UI and I can request them individually via the API. So why are those 38 missing? I have tried comparing one that is missing to one that is returned and I don’t see the difference.

Hello @MattCrysler

Sorry, I can’t give a specific answer to your specific scenario, as I have no way of knowing how your board is or isn’t configured, nor what the characteristics of the 38 issues are that cause them to be shown on the board’s GUI but not found by the REST API. You will need to review the characteristics of those issues to try and work out why they are being omitted.

In my experience, the number one reason why people who report that endpoint as returning less issues than they see via the GUI using a search is that they are also counting the Epics and "Epic issues do not belongs to the scrum boards.”.

When you do a search of all the issues in the board and filter it to exclude the Epics, are you now getting the correct number of issues?