Jira Server 7.10 EAP has been released!

We’ve just released a sample of Jira Server 7.10 as part of the Early Access Program (EAP) to let you know about the changes coming to Jira.

With this release, we’re bringing the following improvements:

  • New look and feel: We’re updating the most frequently used pages in Jira, following the new Atlassian design direction. We’ve also changed typography, icons, colors, and made some smaller tweaks here and there. This is the first wave of changes, more will follow in the next releases. We hope you’ll like it, we surely do!
  • Support for IPv6: Jira is now supporting communication over IPv6. You can use it for all configuration that previously worked on IPv4, however, there are some best practices and limitations you should read about.

You can read more about this release and how to download on the developer blog.


A second EAP version was just released. Take a look at the latest blog post for more on this EAP release of Jira 7.10

I really hope that Project archiving will work also on non Data Center Jira Server.

It is feature that we are waiting more than 10 years.

I installed the latest EAP to check out the new look, and found (a minor) issue. The blog post redirects me to jira.atlassian.com to report feedback in the JSWSERVER project, but when I want to create a bug I get the error I don’t have the permission to assign an issue.
I guess this announcement isn’t the place to report bugs, so what would be the best way to provide feedback?

Archiving will break Structure app functionality for the archived projects. Is there an API to a) verify if the project is archived; b) receive an event about project becoming archived; c) bulk-check user’s view permissions for a set of issues without using Lucene?
Update: found the API info. Will ask the question about permissions separately.

Just a heads up for Atlassians… it appears that the archiving Java API has been published on the 7.9.0 API documentation. That seems a bit weird considering its meant to be a feature added in 7.10!? https://docs.atlassian.com/software/jira/docs/api/7.9.0/com/atlassian/jira/project/archiving/package-summary.html

When testing my plugin using atlas-run --version 7.10.0-xxx what shall I use for xxx for eap 2? In maven repo there are m0001, m0002 and m0003.

The link to create issues for the eap does not work, because regular users are no longer able to create bugs in https://jira.atlassian.com/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa?selectedProjectId=10240 (“You are not allowed to assign issues” after clicking Create).

@thom.kauffmann, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll fix the link in the blogpost.
In the meantime, please share your feedback on 7.10 EAPs in comments to this suggestion on JAC.

@Holger, we will change the link in the blogpost. You can share your feedback on 7.10 EAP in this suggestion on JAC.

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Hi @kderenda, thanks for your reply! I just added my feedback to the suggestion. I don’t have permission to upload a screenshot though, but the issue I found is quite clear already I think.

So… archiving isn’t coming to Server version? May I be the first to say, WTF? Seriously… WTF. I feel like a second class freaking citizen.