Jira Server Activity Streams request returns nothing


I have encountered a weird problem, which I don’t know how to wrap my head around.

I’m developing several dashboard items using ajax to query the activity streams enpoint (url like “jira-base-url/activity?streams=params”, following the documentation here : https://developer.atlassian.com/server/framework/atlassian-sdk/consuming-an-activity-streams-feed/).

Everything works great with the instance spun up using the SDK. But the problem is with the Jira Server instance we have deployed to test the plugin on production-like environment. For now it runs on the evaluation license, we have yet to get the developer one. On this hosted environment the requests to Activity Streams return with status 200, but there is no activity, even though I can see it on user profile page, and the Activity Streams widget works fine.

So, how to fix this ? What causes this ? Is it possible, that for some reason requests made by the custom dashboard items are not authenticated properly, which is why nothing is returned, as the instance isn’t available to not logged in users ? If so, how to authenticate these requests properly ?

I think I figured out the cause.

The problem is because of a space in the username. This breaks the request.

I’ve also recently come up with a solution : to make the request valid just replace all spaces with underscores (So “Jira_Developer” instead of “Jira Developer”.