Jira Server General Page with Global App Storage Best Practices

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I’ve recently been learning Jira Server to create an add-on. The add-on requires a general / global page, to take a high level view of all the current projects, similar to the general page in Jira Connect. I have previously created the same add-on in Jira Cloud (Forge) using the Admin Page module with the global App Storage.

I have followed the tutorials for data storage using the REST api. Is there another option similar to the Jira Cloud App Storage, for use in Jira Server? I have used Jira Cloud App Storage in Forge previously and found it very user friendly.

Could someone please point me in the right direction on how to create a general page in Jira Server, and the best practice to store data on a global level?


this might be a little outdated but the concept still applies:

You need ActiveObjects Active Objects

Here are some best practices:

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