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Hello there,

We are using a version of the risk assessment forge example app to create an incident priority custom field which works well. Unfortunately, when we try to use our custom field in SLA calculations, it does not seem to be able to pick it up - we can use to say filter a queue or other jql uses but just not in the SLA calculation.

Interestingly when we view the custom field that was created by the app when forge install/deploy steps are done, its shows as a custom field type of “? Unknown”

Anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be?


Hi @AndyHockenhull,

I do not fully understand how the SLA calculation flow look like in your use case. Could you provide more details to help me diagnose the problem? What do you want to achieve? How is this SLA calculated? Is SLA a Forge custom field created by the Forge app or created manually?

On the second question: the custom field module is still in beta and we are working on it, eventually a correct type will show up there :slight_smile:


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Hi there - thanks for the response.

Essentially in JSM we want to have the user choose Impact (High, Med, Low) and Urgency (Hiigh, Medium, Low) and this then drives the Incident Priority field - so eg, a Low Impact, Low Urgency would be a P4 Priority but a High Impact, High Urgency would be a P1 - Critical Priority.

This works using the code from the Risk assessment Forge app example and we have just used to to generate a new custom field called Incident Priority - we then wanted to use this field to drive the SLA calculations so a P1 would be 1 hour resolution and a P4 would be 48 hours say.

Hope that makes sense - in the meantime we have built an automation rule to handle this instead using the output from the Forge app and updating the built in Priority field.


To clarify:

  • you have a Forge app using jira:customField module which is creating Incident Priority Forge custom field ("? Unknown" type). You manage it with your app.
  • basing on Incident Priority Forge custom field value, you’d like to update built-in (system) Priority value
    is that correct?
    You’ve mentioned SLA calculations as well - is this a 3rd field or just a term gathering all the behavior?
    You may consider pasting some screenshots as well which would help us understand this problem.


Hello there - you are nearly right 0 ideally we wanted to use the jira custom field Incident Priority to drive the SLA calculations so that a P1 Critical inc would have the shortest SLA - however whilst we can specify our field in the JQL for the SLA it does not work - hence our need to update the built in Priority field. If we can get the SLA to use the Incident priority custom field that we negate the need to have another automation rule.

@AndyHockenhull, just to clarify:

  • you want to update built-in Priority field because it can be used in JQL searches
  • SLA field cannot be used in JQL searches cannot be used in JQL
    Is the above true?
    Is the SLA field built-in, coming from JSM or created by you/your Forge app?


Thanks for the reply

Please see attached screen shots showing what we have:

This is out custom field shown in the Agent view for an incident:

When the user slick on this field they are presented with the below option (from the forge app)
Please note that these Impact and Urgency fields are not the built in ones, just those created by our app.
Our app then uses these fields to calculate the Incident Priority field which is presented as a custom field in JSM as below:

What we then tried to do was to use this Incident Priority field in the SLA calculation screen as below:

But this does not work. In the end we used an automation rule to populate the built in priority field as below:

This is then used in the SLA calculation as below:

This works for us for now but I guess the question is, why I cannot use the custom “Incident Priority” field in the SLA calculation which would negate the need for the extra automation rule.


@AndyHockenhull, thank you for a detailed explanation. Now I fully understand the problem.

Let me ask first - is the JQL you’re trying to use in SLA calculation returning the the issues you’d expect (e.g. the ones with Incident Priority as “P1 - Critical”?

Morning, No thats the point, the JQL for the SLA does not work if we use the custom field Incident Priority. We did also test out creating a queue using this field as well and that does work, but not the SLA JQL.

Hi @AndyHockenhull, I have an idea what might be a problem. Our example app stores the values as “low”, “medium”, “high”, “critical” so that is what should be used in JQL (so also in SLA calculation setup), i.e. "Incident Priority" = "critical". You might have modified this in the app but this might be the case. Please check if it helps :slight_smile:


Hello Mateusz,

Thanks for the reply but I am not too sure that is the case as I created a queue using the same JQL filtering and that worked fine using the values of “P1 – Critical”.

Hello, @AndyHockenhull,

Thank you for all the details you provided. I was able to reproduce this issue, it looks like SLA rules with Forge custom fields are simply ignored, which is not expected. We will investigate this matter further and get back to you as soon as we have any news.

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