Jira service management UI location

Hello, I am developing a plugin for jira service management and I would like to ask for advice how to find the UI location for inserting the button as shown in the picture.

Overall, I would be interested to know how to search for individual UI locations.

Im doint with web-panel

  <web-panel key="custom-user-details" location="?????" weight="100">
    <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="view/details-profile.vm"/>
    <context-provider class="xxx.xxx.passwordReset.resetPlugin.webcontextproviders.MyContextProvider"/>

Thank you a lot for advice.

These locations are documented on these pages:

You should find them helpful.

If you need to find every possible location, the historical advice is to look at the Source Code and peer into the modules atlassian-plugin.xml, which can be hard the first couple times but once comfortable with the source code is not so hard.

Thank you, it was helpful.

But problem is that im able to show web-panel on normal Jira site targeting: webpanels.user.profile.summary.custom

but for some reason I’m not able to show it on Jira service management site. (completely same plugin)
I’m quite sure that location is correct because I’m able to create it in script runner.

Script runner XLM (working on both)

<web-panel key='fdsaf1' name='ScriptRunner generated web panel - fdsaf1' location='webpanels.user.profile.summary.custom' weight='100' class='script:writer.write("Hello world!")'>
  <condition class='script:true'>
    <param name='£trackingParameters' value='{"scriptName":"com.onresolve.scriptrunner.canned.jira.fragments.CustomWebPanel"}' />
    <param name='£fragmentParameters' value='{"id":"????"}' />
  <param name='lazy' value='true' />

My script


  <web-panel name="ressetButtonPanel" i18n-name-key="resset-button-panel.name" key="reset-button-panel" location="webpanels.user.profile.summary.custom" weight="100">
    <label>password reset </label>
    <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="view/details-profile.vm"/>
    <context-provider class="com.webContextProviders.ResetPasswordContext"/>
    <param name='lazy' value='true' />


hello from my plugin


public class ResetPasswordContext implements ContextProvider {

    public void init(Map<String, String> map) throws PluginParseException {


    public Map<String, Object> getContextMap(Map<String, Object> map) {
        return null;

RESULTS from normal JIRA and service desk (same plugin installed)

Please do you have any idea what is wrong?

Thank you a lot for your time.