JIRA.ViewIssueTabs.onTabReady(myFunction()) doesn't work in Jira 9.8

Hi, I’m developing a plugin for Jira Data Center. My custom tab needs my js initialization to be called, that’s why I call JIRA.ViewIssueTabs.onTabReady(myInitFunction()), but unfortunately myInitFunction() is not called randomly.
Such problem can be reproduced only when an issue is opened with my tab selected, in other words when I open an issue as http://localhost:2990/jira/browse/TST-1?page=com.my.plugin:my-tab1

Example of code

         JIRA?.ViewIssueTabs?.onTabReady?.((e) => {

Steps to reproduce

  1. open http://localhost:2990/jira/browse/TST-1?page=com.my.plugin:my-tab1. Result: Error, my tab is not initialized in 90%
  2. switch to “Comments” tab
  3. switch back to my tab. Result: success, my tab is initialized correctly.

I observe the bug in Jira 9.8 (may be Jira 9.7), chrome 111, ubuntu.
I don’t observe the bug in firefox, Jira 9.8, ubuntu.
I don’t observe the bug on other computers.