JiraHelper in more than one ContextProvider

I’m using two web panels in the Issue Screen, they are totally different.

They have to load depending of the project, so i use JiraHelper.getProject()

In the first panel, it works fine, jiraHelper contains the project.

But in the other, jiraHelper project is null, I saw it with Debug options.

This is making only one of my panels load, but i need both.

Could you provide some example of how to reproduce this problem, or show us the <web-panel> descriptors in your atlassian-plugin.xml plugin descriptor?

  <!-- WebPanel derecho, contiene el botón llamar -->
  <web-panel name="Odigo call service" i18n-name-key="boton-web-panel.name" key="boton-web-panel" location="atl.jira.view.issue.right.context" weight="1">
    <description key="boton-web-panel.description">Panel derecho en Issues, contiene el botón para llamar</description>
    <context-provider class="context.providers.BotonPanelContextProvider"/>
    <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="/velocity/BotonPanel.vm"/>

  <!-- WebPanel izquierdo, contiene el iFrame de Odigo en proyectos ServiceDesk -->
  <web-panel name="iFrameWebPanel" i18n-name-key="i-frame-web-panel.name" key="i-frame-web-panel" location="servicedesk.project.sidebar" weight="300">
    <description key="i-frame-web-panel.description">Panel izquierdo en Issues, contiene el menú de Odigo.</description>
    <context-provider class="context.providers.MenuFrameContextProvider"/>
    <resource name="view" type="velocity" location="/velocity/iFramePanel.vm"/>

Is servicedesk.project.sidebar a valid location?? Further, I am fairly certain that the project sidebar or project panel cannot extend AbstractJiraContextProvider and instead you need to implement Condition.

Hello Folks,

Please, try to set your location as “servicedesk.project.sidebar.navigation.secondary”. I found it using the Web Fragment Finder, however it’s not working well with Jira Service Desk.

Did anyone find any Development Guide to work with Jira Service Desk Plugins?