☕️ Join Atlassian's DX Team for a Chat: April 2023 DX Office Hours

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to invite you to the April 2023 DX Office Hours, hosted by the Atlassian DX team. This will be a recurring monthly event where we can chat about your experiences, share your feedback on what you’re currently working on, and learn from each other.

The event is scheduled to take place on April 19, 2023, at 15:00 GMT. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your journey, I welcome you to join me for an engaging conversation.

I’ll be the head moderator for the event and will be guiding the conversation and helping to facilitate a productive discussion. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas and helping to create a welcoming environment where everyone can participate.

So if you’re interested in connecting with other developers, sharing your feedback, or learning something new, make sure to RSVP to this event using the following link: See April 2023 DX Office Hours at Atlassian Community Events Atlassian Developers

The DX team is excited to make this a regular event and connect with developers like you from around the world. We hope to see you there!


That’s right in the middle of Team23, I’d expect that some developers, seasoned or not, will be attending Team23 and would find it hard to juggle events. Is there an option to find another week?


I hope you enjoyed TEAM last week. I just wanted to follow up and say that we’ll be holding these monthly on the third Wednesday of the month rotating from a APAC friendly timezone (next month) to a European/American friendly timezone (this month).

Our next Office hours is tentatively scheduled for May 17th.

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