JQL language unify


We were wondering if there is a way where no matter what JIRA language an user has chosen the JQL will still pass when written in English? We are currently facing that kind of issue - more precisely with the fields ‘Flagged’ and ‘Epic Status’. For example, an user has chosen German for primary language. Depending on the additional languages fields in System configurations there are different cases about finding the Flagged issues.

Case 1: ‘Flagged = Hindernis’
Case 2: ‘Gekennzeichnet= Hindernis’

Same is the situation with the ‘Epic Status’ field. For example, germans use it as ‘Epic Status’ = Fertig.

We tried to get the customFieldId using REST but we did not find any proper solution.

So our question is - can all the languages’ jqls pass in English no matter what the default or indexing language is set to?


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Have you tried the cf notation to search by custom field number instead? The alternative representation should pop up in the JQL autocomplete dialog.

For example, instead of using “Epic Status”=“Done”, if you have the equivalent custom field number as shown in the example below, you can write instead: cf[12602]=“Done”


Hello, Scott,

Thank you for the reply. We thought about this but it does not work in our case. We could use cf[] for Epic Status but the value is problematic. How could we cover the “Fertig” value for example? Can we get the ‘Done’ value by code? The bigger problem is actually with field ‘Flagged’ as it gets different values depending on the moment of flagging the first issue. After that, ‘Flagged’ and ‘Impediment’ are saved in language, which is saved in the configuration. Before flagging an issue it doesn’t even exist.