JQL search on Jira Cloud issue properties

Hello all,

I need to search on issue properties but I cannot manage to find a solution on this. Here is my implementation : I store values for my connect app fields, I can have several fields on the same issue.

My connect app stores issue properties with the following structure :

   fields: [{
       "field-id": "field_10000", 
       "values": ["Titanic"]
       "field-id": "field_10001", 
       "values": ["Ace Goldfinger"]

How can I make this property searchable by field value ?
For example, I would need to search issues which have value Titanic for field with id field-10001

Is it possible with existing Jira Cloud API ?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Issue property is type of entity property. You can make an issue property searchable using JQL. To do that, Connect provide a module descriptor. You can find all about indexing the data and then querying it using JQL with an example inside entity properties part of our docs.

You might find these two threads useful:

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