JQL search using full name no longer returns any results

According to https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwarecloud/advanced-searching-fields-reference-764478339.html#Advancedsearching-fieldsreference-AssigneeAssignee its possible to use Full Names or Display Names in JQL for at least the system user fields.

You can search by the user’s full name, ID, or email address.

However, this is no longer working in any of the Cloud instances I have access to. Has Atlassian changed something?

EDIT: I’ve raised a DEVHELP ticket about this

Hello @jbevan,

I’m checking it out and was able to consistently replicate it in some instances. I’ve reached out to the team to get more information and I’ll keep you posted both here and in the DEVHELP ticket.


Hi @jbevan,

I created the public-facing issue JRACLOUD-71835, let us consolidate all communication there. You may add additional comments as you deem necessary.

Best regards,