JSD Automation // REST call with basic authentication

Hello together,

it possible to start a rest call with basic authentication out of the automation workflow?

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Hello Roland,

You might want to check out Jira Service Desk webhooks if this can help you. For the auth part, you can add a header then the base 64 encoded username:password as the value.

Hope this helps.


Hi Ian,

many thanks - indeed with that additional header it works
used that additional info to create such Basic value

Ian, do you have also an idea how to work on the response of the rest call?
can’t see the response anywhere…

@Roland I have not done any use cases that deals with responses of the calls, usually it’s just a one way call for me. If you’re just going to view the response, I would probably check either the server logs and/or the browser’s console logs as well. If you’re going to use the responses to trigger some action/event, I am not sure how to do it (yet) or if it can be done. What’s your use case?

e.g. for special categories there should be opened an external ticket in a foreign ITSM system, in the response of the REST Call is the external ticket number which should be saved in JSD

Not sure if that can be done via vanilla automation workflow. Although, if you create a layer in between what you are calling and Jira, that layer can be responsible for sending the REST call to create the external ticket. The said layer will also receive the response and get the external ticket number and save the information back in JSD.