Jsd widget attempts to post to invalid URL

We’ve embedded the JSD Widget https://jsd-widget.atlassian.com/assets/embed.js as per instructions and the widget appears to function fine but we can see console errors where it’s attempting to POST to a relative URL eg
clearly that URL will not exist, is this a bug in the widget?


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I also just noticed these errors as well, and we’re on JSD Cloud.

Edit: I realized I should add that we’ve had the widget on our site for about a year now, and haven’t made any changes in the last few days. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this behavior where it’s attempting to access a relative link to the site where it’s embedded that would never exist.

Edit 3.1.2022: I can’t trigger the error anymore when opening the widget on our site, so I think whatever was causing it has been fixed.

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