JSM UI Modules questions about upcoming update

Hi I have a question for the Forge Developer Team,
I have seen your update on Trello and I think it’s great that this is finally moving ahead so thanks for the update! However, I am wondering

  1. When forge custom fields will be available on JSM?
  2. If the connect on forge module for the request property panel will be made available with this release
  3. If there is some kind of timeline on the release of the request create property panel module? I feel like there would be more use cases for that than the Customer Portal UI Elements

Would be great if you could share just some rough estimates from the top of your hat so that I know whether I should wait for changes or plan to use connect for the bulk of my development as not having the request create property panel on forge is blocking my plans to use a combination of forge and connect on forge modules at the moment

Hi @MichaelIlewicz

The request property panel module won’t be part of this release. I do not have an exact timeline to share with you. But our team is working on it and tentatively expect to have it ready sometime in Q2 CY22.

Can you please elaborate on Forge custom fields becoming available in JSM? There are a few items on Forge custom fields in our Trello public roadmap. Are you referring to something else? If so, can you please give details?

Thanks for your feedback and questions!

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Hi @AbhinayaSinha,
that’s unfortunate. The reason I need the custom field property panel is that as of now that is the only way to develop a forge custom field type app where the custom field type can be used on a JSM create request form. If the create request panel would simply render the edit view of the custom field type I would not need the custom field property panel.

The way I see it, you should be good to simply render the edit view, regardless of whether it is a custom UI or forge UI module as there is plenty of space on the form (unlike on the issue view) and how to display that view should be up to the app developer. Maybe you can offer a manifest property called requestView or so that allows developers to specify a forge UI / custom UI module different from the edit view on request types although I don’t see many use cases for that at the moment.

Thanks for the quick response