JWT tokens expire for glances when issue has been idle for a while

When I have an issue open, open a glance, close it and then leave it for more than a minute and I then open a glance again, the JWT token that is used to talk to my app has already expired. This does not appear to happen with issue content.

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Hi, we are right working on it now! Sorry for this problem.



You may follow the progress here: ACJIRA-1462.

Anne Calantog


Thanks for the update, I’m watching the issue. I’ll test and let you know when a fix is rolled out.


Hi, I am currently working on new Glance module addon and this issue still appears for me. If I let my issue page stay idle for a while, then token expires and when interacting with my addon, I see 401 response from my addon. Even after trying to reload addon iframe (right click -> reload iframe), I see 401 message. When debugging, the JWT that is being sent to my addon has already expired. Could you please let me know how to fix this?