Keep sidebar in repository page plugin

I created a plugin that can be accessed by clicking a custom icon in the left-hand sidebar of the repository page (the sidebar with “source”, “branches”, “pull requests”, etc.).

The plugin is successfully navigated to once the icon is clicked, but that sidebar (“source”, “branches”, “pull requests”, etc.) does not appear on the new page.

I’ve been looking through documentation for days, but have been unable to find out how to make the sidebar stay visible after the plugin is navigated to. Any ideas?

Bitbucket version: 4.11.2

This is done using decorators. I’m assuming your plugin uses a servlet and renders an html template. You add the snippet of info on that page for, presumably, the bitbucket.repository.general decorator, and the layout surrounding your content will look like other repo pages. Hope that helps!


@aahmed Awesome! Looks like I was using the “atl.general” decorator.

However… when I switch to the bitbucket.repository.general decorator, and add the following tags:

<meta name="projectKey" content="{$repository.project.key}">
<meta name="repositorySlug" content="{$repository.slug}">
<meta name="activeTab" content="nameOfMyWebKey">

I get a 500 error on the plugin page. Any idea what could be causing this?