Large json data

I am retrieving JIRA’s issue data with REST API, and I get large JSON files, which take a lot of time. is there another option, such as a compressed file format download?

Are you working with Jira Cloud or Jira Server? With Jira Server, you can use Jira’s own Java API. With Jira Cloud, you are stuck with the REST API for issue searches, which as you have discovered returns large JSON documents.

I am on JIRA server. Can you please tell me more about Java API and its advantages?
I am using this kind of REST API: rest/api/latest/issue/" an issue number " to get information about issues.

By using the Java API directly, you avoid the overhead involved in the processing of an HTTP request and its response. The Jira Java API includes the IssueManager interface, which has the following two methods, amongst others:

MutableIssue getIssueObject(Long id) throws DataAccessException;

MutableIssue getIssueObject(String key) throws DataAccessException;

Calling either of those two methods would me many times faster than calling the corresponding REST API end-point. In order to call those methods, you need to deploy your code as a Jira add-on.

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great! thank you … this very helpfull