Larger user timebomb licenses for build/DC testing

The timebomb licenses are quite restrictive. We setup a home zip with a range of projects, permission schemes, notification schemes, that require more than 10 users to be established over time.

Is there a dev friendly way to get a larger timebomb product license so our build works - we’re going to need this for DC testing real soon now as well…

It seems impossible to log such a request through the developer portal…

You can ask for it on a DC help ticket. You can get a 30-day unlimited users DC license

Hi Remie, I have some DCHELP tickets, the portal I linked is from an existing DCHELP ticket, seems incredibly hard to locate a place to actually ask, I feel like I’m in a call centre (choose from only the following non-applicable options), this post was the best I could figure.

You can just use one of the existing DCHELP tickets, and hit the escalate to Atlassian button. Or wait for automatic reopening when your annual review is up

Hey @andy , a short while ago we’ve provisioned for free developer licenses for DC products. Annual. And up to the user tiers required for testing for the DC app program.
You can request the DC licenses by following the guide on this partner portal page:


thanks for the pointer!