Latest trello update ruined it entirely


This is my first post here.

So on my project I work with a lot of photos, as other members of the project. In the latest update, the photos are appearing whole and not in link form. Now, every comment becomes huge because it may contain up to 10 or more photos (sometimes). This is making the comment unreadable because the text is scattered all over the place.

Also, lately I noticed that when I try to separate tasks in a comment, for example:

  1. taks one etc.

  2. task two etc.

  3. task three etc.

After I save the comments, it converts all the above to:

This is very frustrating and time consuming, I have to change the numbers again and add parenthesis again and again. All these changes make our lives harder instead of easier.

At least, provide a workaround please. Is there any way I can use Trello the old way?
Thanks in advance.