Layout for Confluence globalPage

The confluence:globalPage module lacks the layout property the jira:globalPage module has. This means it’s possible to make a “full screen” CustomUI app for Jira (by giving it a layout value of blank) but not Confluence.

Was this a deliberate decision, and if not, will the layout property come to Confluence CustomUI apps in the future?


This definitely seems to be an oversight. The forced padding around the Confluence GlobalPage’s iframe is wasted space and the resulting UX can easily clash with the intended contents of the page, diminishing the App/maker’s brand.

Can bringing Confluence into parity with Jira (adding layout: blank etc.) please be addressed by the Confluence forge team?

Thanks. I’ll add that the lack of createHistory on confluence:globalPage is also a showstopper for this kind of development (see [FRGE-755] - Ecosystem Jira and [FRGE-600] - Ecosystem Jira).

This is now logged here: [FRGE-866] - Ecosystem Jira