Left menu is not shown for postInstallPage and configurePage pages

There are three pages defined in the atlassian-connect.json that refer to the same url: postInstallPage (key: postinstall-git-for-jira), configurePage (key: config-git-for-jira) and one in the generalPages section (key: configuration-config).

When the “configuration-config” page loads all are fine - the left menu is shown.

But for “postinstall-git-for-jira” and “config-git-for-jira” the left menu is not shown.

I couldn’t find related parameters in the manual “Page”.
Tried to remove parameter “sizeToParent:true” for “https://connect-cdn.atl-paas.net/all.js” but it doesn’t affect the behaviour.

We have reported the same quite a while back and there is a bug filed for the same. https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-74490


Thanks! Added a cross link.

We are experiencing this exact issue, only on Confluence.