Liability protection for non-corporate vendors?

I’ve created a simple plugin for Confluence that I’m close to submitting to the marketplace. Before I do, I have a basic question about liability protection, especially for the small or individual developers: how do you protect yourself against liability?

The likelihood is pretty small, and there’s nothing in my plugin to indicate it would be special in this regard, but if my plugin has a defect that causes material harm to the user–say, lost revenue–what protections should I consider before making it available? Has anyone else explored how best to protect yourself? (Those of you not in the US might not understand how common lawsuits here are. Worse, even if there’s no merit I would still be responsible for attorney’s feed, which can get quite sizable.)

I assume a company would have insurance that covers this, but this is just me and I want to make sure I’m not putting myself or my family at financial risk.


@RichardSteele a common approach to reduce liability is by adding an EULA to your atlassian marketplace listing. I would recommend asking a lawyer to draft one, but you can also do it yourself. For instance, our EULA limits liability to the max amount of the purchased license fee.


Hi @RichardSteele,

Like Remie said, the best is to have a Lawyer draft one but I understand that you may no want to pay for that on your first app. Feel free to copy ours which was drafter by Lawyers but there are some clauses to my country/province but at least it’s a good start :slight_smile: Don’t forget to replace with your company and app.



Thank you @remie and @yvesriel for your responses and insights. I will likely consult with a legal service just to be sure, but this sounds far simpler and less expensive than I feared.