Licence Key for local instance of old Jira 3.12.1

Hi all,
in order to modify a plugin developed and still running on an old Jira 3.12.1 instance, I have to locally install a Jira Enterprise 3.12.1 (I’ve get this: atlassian-jira-enterprise-3.12.1-standalone.tar.gz). Now it’s asking me a Licence Key: how can a get one?
Please help :slight_smile:
thanks a lot

Your customer (the one who is using the JIRA 3.12.1 in production) must have a valid Jira license. If so, they can generate you a so-called developer license which is designed for this exact purpose.

You’ll need to get the SEN for your client’s installation and then contact Atlassian to get a licence for it in the old format (you can only generate ones in a format for Jira 4+ automatically)

However, you really should be forgetting this idea and getting your client to upgrade, and then code for that. Jira 3 is unsupported and known to be insecure and relying on libraries and technologies that are equally dangerous. You should never be trying to support it in any way other than upgrading it.

thank you everybody
I’ve found out that I had to follow Nic’s suggestion, because the licenses generated by the current on line procedure are not working; so I raised a ticket to Atlassian Support
I’ll give feedback about it
thanks again