Lifecycle of a build

Hi there,
Hope everyone is doing well. I am here with a question on how do I track the life-cycle/ flow of a CommitID- Build in Bamboo server(I am on version 6.3 ). Here is what I want to achieve:

I have a commitId (say cid7). This is now part of a build as part of my CI/CD. Thus a build plan runs with build#12. Now this build is promoted to a dev environment using a dev-plan. after that it gets pushed to UAT and eventually to Prod. Now I want to establish a connection and realise this flow using the Bamboo REST API.

Is there a way that I get this using the REST API? or do I need to write a plugin? If it is a plugin, can I write a default stage that can be there in every new project we create or a TaskType that I can just add and it does the work under the hood.